Criminal Law

Aggressively defending New Yorkers accused of felonies and misdemeanors in New York’s state and federal courts.

Civil Rights Actions

Representing Clients who have had their civil rights violated by law enforcement or other entities acting under the color of law.

Personal Injury

Advocating for clients who were victims of negligence, recklessness, or malice, and clients who have been injured.

A Commitment to Excellence

The Law Office of Jeff Henle, P.C. is dedicated to providing its clients with comprehensive and professional legal services. Located in midtown Manhattan, the firm represents clients in criminal and civil litigation. We strive to serve our clients’ best interests and cater to their needs. We are committed to delivering superior services, while maintaining integrity, ethics and professionalism.

The Law Office of Jeff Henle, P.C. provides clients with the same resources offered by larger firms, without sacrificing personalized focus and attention. We offer creative and effective representation with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome in our clients’ individual cases.

Whether you are facing a criminal charge, a lawsuit, have suffered a personal injury or just want to know your rights, the Law Office of Jeff Henle, P.C. will guide you through the legal system and advocate zealously on your behalf. The right attorney does make a difference.


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“I had never been arrested before and the police told me I was looking at five years in prison. Jeff Henle was available and helpful throughout my case. I’m glad Jeff was there when it mattered most.”

“I had been through the system before, but I was facing new charges in 2014. Jeff was always there to answer my questions and reassure me.I would definitely recommend him”

“Getting arrested and having to go to court is scary. It really helps when your lawyer is dedicated, straight-forward and accommodating.”

“Jeff Henle got me through my case. I’m very appreciative.”

“After my accident, Jeff Henle got me a very fair settlement. I am grateful.”

“After I was falsely arrested I didn’t know what to do. Jeff Henle made sure I was compensated.”